Opposition factor Found in Parliament

Kathmandu – The standing committee member of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN-M) and former Minister Haribol Gajurel explained that the chief variable and barrier to the deadlock found in Parliament was that the Deputy Prime Minister.

Speaking in a meeting held at Kathmandu on Thursday, Leader Gajurel called on Vice President Dr. Shivamaya Tumbahamphe Stated He must resign.

He explained that the Nepalese Communist Party (CPN) shouldn’t resign before the resignation of the Deputy Speaker, so the nation and the individuals should resign.

He said the celebration could have serious talks if he didn’t resign. Stating that the chairmen of the party have urged him to resign, he stated that the celebration would move accordingly.

He explained it was an issue of disagreement about who are the Speaker of the celebration and could be elected based on this old consensus.

Leader Gajurel stated the present position of speeding is nothing new. He explained that there ought to be’power sharing’ until there’s a tradition of the celebration.

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