Mega Bank’s dishonesty for hiding bad debt

Kathmandu: The mega-bank has revived its loan by giving’over-draft’ to blacklisted and concealing check bounce instances. Not just that, the lender has agreed to negotiate financing agreement between both sides. From the settlement, another debtor’s property was defrauded by devoting a loan to get a mortgage. An entrepreneur located in Mehapi has dropped 19.5 acres of property because of mega. Her territory has been auctioned by Mick. Not due to the debt, but due to the mega fraud.

The agreement was signed by Bhumdevi Gautam on November 1, 2009, together with the Global Mountain Outware Industry run by Uttam Kumar, along with the Ana property of Mahapi, called after himand a loan of Rs. Thus there was a written arrangement between Uttam Kumar the four-and-a-half-million acres of property in Samakhusi and Rs.

Uttam Kumar transferred property, businesses and loans from the title of Bhumdevi inside a week of this arrangement. He wished to cancel the massive debt burden by providing land and industry. Both were customers of Mega, educated the lender regarding the loan. However, in the meantime, the lender badly added debt into the mortgaged property which was likely to be awarded to Uttam Kumar.

Uttam Kumar relinquished his business, property of 59 acres of property from Mahapi and 100 million loans from the title of Bhumdevi. Though the mega was attentive to the property and company speculation, Bhuma Devi’s property was rented to a mortgage lender. On the other hand, the land wasn’t transferred in the title of Uttam Kumar, since the mega fraudulently additional loan to Bhumdevi’s property mortgage.

Upon knowing that the property division, Mega discovered that the property was inserted to Bhumdevi from the loan . Police registered a criminal case at Kathmandu District Court on May 29 following a dispute between the lender and Bhumdevi had been discovered. Throughout the analysis, it was discovered that loan number of Rs. 10 million has been requested to ship the loan amount into the amount 1 and two booklet of the Global Mountain Outwear along with the amount 1 kitty of Sambhausi.

With the approval of this court, the authorities detained Bhumdevi on July 5 and also place him in prison. He had been kept in custody on June 5 and also gave added draft of Rs. 1 lakh and revived his loan. This is known as’loan evergreening’ from the language of this fiscal industry. After being blacklisted, nobody can renew and donate in the title of one household. On July 29, the identical day, the debtor’s accounts has been removed.

If interest wasn’t routine, the lender would need to give loan supply. This could raise the bank’s bad debt and decrease profits.

The complaint was registered in this respect. The blacklisted debtor was prohibited from committing to a bank by the Rastra Bank. In this aspect, the chief executive officer of this lender (CEO) Anupama Khanjali has stated that he needs to be made to provide over draft in the event of supply of loan. “The lender is hoping to solve their dispute,” she explained.

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